Background About Myself

I want to give you all a background about myself, so you can get to know me a bit better.

So, my name is Samantha Dupont. I am Canadian. Right now, I live in Oshawa because that is where I went to college. I am 21 years old, soon to be 22 years-old in March. I love books, nature, plants (I love my plant babies), food, music, wellness, and fitness. I will make a blog post about all the things I love another time. Happily taken for 4 and half years now. So yeah, let’s get into how I got to this point.

In terms of education, I graduated from college back in August. I took two programs at Durham College. My first program was Health & Fitness Promotion. I took this program right after I was done high-school as a gateway program. After I finished my Health & Fitness Promotion Diploma, I went right into a graduate certificate called Activation Coordination in Gerontology. I know you all are wondering what the heck that program is. This program focused on the aging population and what we can do to help them. The program focuses on making and delivering meaningful, holistic, and age-appropriate activities to help enhance the quality of life in our aging population. After graduating, I was extremely lucky to go right into my field. I am employed with the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) with their Adult Day Program and in Chartwell (long-term care side) as an activity aide. I am loving my job, I never feel like I am at work. It is fantastic! I know what you guys are thinking, how do you go from fitness to working with seniors. For me, it was a natural transition. Seniors have always had a soft spot in my heart because of my grandparents and great-grandmother. They were my inspiration to get into the field I am in.

    So, a little bit more about my past. From a really young age, I was always doing something active. My parents put me into a bunch of sports, I did soccer, gymnastics, trampolining, volleyball and swimming for a while until I was put into basketball. Once I found basketball, that became the sport I became really attached to. I was first put into basketball when I was 11 and I decided to try out for the rep or traveling team that September. At this point in my young life, I never really played basketball or know a lot about the game but the coaches of the CYO rep team saw something in me and picked me to be apart of the team! Sadly, my first season was cut short due to me breaking my ankle that December.  But my coaches did not want to give up on me, they refunded my money from that season to go to a camp called Olympia Sports Camp (I will do a post on this by itself, it is the best camp around) to help me develop my skills and to come back the next year. I was so thankful (still am) for these coaches, they saw how much protentional I had, and they really did want to see me be successful in basketball.

After that season, I fell in love with the game and it became a huge part of my life. I continued to play throughout elementary school to high school and to college, but throughout my basketball career, I had a ton of injuries after breaking my right ankle that first season. There are some major ones that I will talk about.

In grade 9, during one of my games, a girl stepped on my foot and hipped checked me a bit and it caused me to stretch the ligament’s in my left ankle which took me out for my high-school season and some of my travel season too. 

In grade 10, at the start or middle of the travel season, I got a major concussion, a girl came over my back to get the ball and it ended with my head hitting the floor and the girl’s elbow right after that. It was rough recovering from that. I really don’t remember what happened, the only reason why I knew what happened was that my dad was recording the games and I watched it happen.

In grade 11, I had the worse injury of all, I tore my ACL while in practice. It was heartbreaking, but it also sparked something inside me that made me want to return to sport as soon as I could. So, I went to a surgeon in London and got my ACL fixed (I will have a post about my whole journey with my ACL recovery). The last part of my grade 11 and start of grade 12 year, I worked my butt off that following year to try to get to play for high-school but sadly, I couldn’t make it for high-school (still on the team and supporting them, my coaches wanted me on the bench), but I was able to play for my travel team.

After high-school, I went to college and I wasn’t sure about playing at that level was for me but from the support of my parents, I went for it and made the team. My first year of playing was amazing; I didn’t get any injuries and got stronger. Then my second year happened, and I got hurt again physically and mentally. This season created a lot of issues for me, I started to lose my passion for the game I love from bad coaching and a negative environment and on top of that, I re-tore my ACL in the middle of my second year of playing for Durham College.  It was very damaging for me as a person. I was so upset because I was getting to the point in my recovery from the first surgery that I was almost out of a brace and everything but there wasn’t anything I could do about it other than going for surgery again.

After finding out that my ACL was for sure gone, I decided to create a new path in my life with fitness. I took my pre-habilitation extremely seriously and become stronger both physically and mentally. I started to do powerlifting, plyometric work, yoga, and mobility work (or whatever my knee allowed me to do that day) which prepared me well for my surgery to the point that my surgeon was optimistic about the success of the surgery. So, December of 2017, I went in for ACL revision surgery (aka fixing already fixed ACL) and started my recovery. Just over a year has passed from this surgery and I am happy to report that my knee is stronger than ever and that I am not returning to sport right now, but I never know what the future may bring.

I know it was a lot my sports past and my injuries but that has been my life since I started to play basketball. It was a lot of focus on that and getting good grades at school. Yes, I had a few jobs but working in a factory and a summer camp isn’t that interesting and was only 8 months in my life. Yeah, there are more stories behind what I have told you, but those stories will come when I become more comfortable. Yeah, I have amazing friends and family too and those stories will come as my blog develops and grows. I want to be as open with you as I can but that takes time to be open with everything, but I know if I do, I can help others out. It all takes time and patience.

So that is my life right now, I am apart of the adult working world, trying to find what I am outside of school (aka I was a professional student until this point) and finding a balance in my health and wellness. It is time for me to grow and I cannot wait to become a stronger person.

 “I want to be like a sunflower; so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight.”

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