American War By Omar El Akkad Review

As some of you saw my “Favourite Book” post, I was currently reading American War by Omar El Akkad and I just finished it last night. I thought I would do a little review on it. 

SO, Warning! There may be some spoilers but probably not…

I am going to rate this book as an 8/10. 

The main reason for rating the book an 8/10 is that it is normally not the type of book I read but I did enjoy the story. 

I would recommend this book for people who interested in a war between fossil fuels and solar power. For me, when I read something that takes something that did happen in history and takes a new age twist on it. Which is pretty much what American War is. 

The storyline is pretty interesting as well, it at first looks like the story is being told by one character but as it moves on, you noticed that it is being told by a totally different person. 

For the people who think it would be too “gross” or “gory”, in my opinion, it isn’t too bad. I watch shows like Criminal Minds and I would say that Criminal Minds is worse on the gory part than this book. Yes, there are some parts that will make you uncomfortable but it makes you connect with the characters. 

Overall, I would totally recommend this book for anyone who wants to read something a bit different. It would be a great book club book as well! 

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