Favourite Meals

Throughout my life, I have bounced between “diets”. When I was younger it was what my family ate then making my own choices and it has changed over my 21, almost 22 years. From that, I have a few meals that I have fallen in love with.

Before everyone asks, I used to be obsessives about eating healthy and I mean like 100% healthy eating and vegan eating (but eating vegan isn’t off my plate yet, I am working on a better relationship with food and will probably transition to vegan or vegetation). But I found that I got too caught up with that and now I have changed to an 80-20 rule.

The 80-20 rule is when you eat whole foods 80 % of the time and the other 20% is like whatever you what. I found this is a better way to balance my life. I don’t feel like I have refused people and say things like, “Sorry no, I can’t have that because of blah blah”; I can eat what I wish to eat. It is the way I found my balance in my life.

So, I thought I would share some of my favourite meal because I know for myself that I am always on the lookout for good meals ideas.  Sadly, I really don’t have a recipe for a lot of my meals because I literally wing it. That is how I got taught how to cook and even bake.

  1. Seasoned Salmon/Fish with Seasoned Roasted Veggies and Homemade French Fries.

This is one of my favourite one (a lot of the time two) pan meals that I just throw in the oven and leave it alone. It is a quickish meal, the longest part can be letting the veggies roast. They can take about 30-40 minutes depending on how you like your veggies. But this meal, I feel like I can change it up all the time with different oils, reasoning, and level of roast of the veggies or adding an avocado. It is a super balanced meal and I can switch it up with rice, quinoa, or more veggies. But like at the end of the time, I will pick homemade fries over anything. I love potatoes, like love. They are a staple of my meals.

  • Baked Chickpeas (or any type of beans) with Sautéed Mushrooms, Bok Choy, Peppers, and a Dark Leafy Green.

This is one of my favourite plant-based meals! It is super easy to do. Each time you make it, it never tastes the same because you can change up the seasoning on your chickpeas or beans and even your veggies. I mix up my veggies all the time with this meal. Also, just baked crispy chickpeas are an amazing snack to have on there own! It is a great start into the plant-based lifestyle. I am still slowly adding more and more plant-based foods into my lifestyle. Also, if you don’t really like beans and stuff, try some of the meatless-meats too! They are super tasty and quick.

  • Vegan Pizza

Before anyone freaks out, I am not vegan but this pizza recipe that I make is vegan (switch I just found out a few months ago). I make my own pizza dough recipe from “Grazie” cookbook (it a restaurant in Toronto, super good food!) and I use vegan cheese, but normal cheese doesn’t really agree with my stomach. I love it when I make this pizza because it does a bit of prep time with letting the dough rise and stuff, but it creates this enjoy inside me. It is knowing that I put time into making the pizza so when I eat it, it just tastes so much better than getting one at a restaurant. Also, normally my boyfriend and I make it a special night when we make pizza so like either movies or games with some drinks. It turns into an amazing time of memories and fun.

  • Homemade Turkey/Vegan Burger with Sweet Potatoes Fries and All the Fixings.

I never really made burgers before until I got Natacha Oceane’s 3 cookbooks (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). After going through a lot of her recipes, started to try a bunch of new things! If you are looking for well-balanced meals, check out her cookbook! They are super quick recipes that you could make at least half of the recipes because you already have half of the ingredients. Anyways, I love these burgers because they feel like a restaurant burger at like a half of the price! You can customize the burger each time which I love too! My favourite toppings are avocado, onion, and some type of leafy green! It just adds amazing texture and favours to the burgers.

  • “Reese” Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit.

I eat oats almost every day. I found them easy to make and to change up! I have made “cookie dough” from oats and many other things. But my go-to oatmeal is my own make-up of Reese peanut butter cup in oatmeal! It is one of my favourite breakfasts.  It only has 3 ingredients- oats, peanut butter, and whey chocolate protein well and water but you get the point. It is a super easy recipe and a meal that I make. I do change it up and use different nut-butters and cocoa powder too! I like to add fresh fruit to it because I can add in bananas or strawberries into the oats and they taste amazing with it!

So, there are some of my favourite meals that I like to eat. They are pretty quick and simple meals. The meals just fit better into my lifestyle right now. Most of them, I can meal prep for a couple of meals throughout the week so I can take them to work or a quick post-workout meal. I will probably do another post for sweet treats and more meal ideas. I have so many meals that I used to make all the time but had to stop because of college or crazy work schedule! I cannot wait to get back into making all good, yummy food to help fuel my life.

 I hope that you guys enjoyed it! Let me know if you want some of the recipes or anything!



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