More About My Life – Important People

I thought I would do another “About My Life” post to learn a little bit more about myself. I am going to do this blog post about the important people or really like two people in my life other than my immediate family. Those people are my best friend/girlfriend/sister, Allison and my boyfriend, Rio.

In a few of my past posts, you would have seen me referring “my girlfriend”, that would be Allison. Allison has been one of my best friends since we were in grade 6. There is a funny story about how we became friends. Her and I went to the same elementary school, but we were never put into the same class until grade 6. In grade 6, we started to talk and all that fun stuff, but I wouldn’t say that we were friends at that point.  In that same year, I broke my ankle in the middle of winter and because of my cast, I wasn’t allowed outside and that is where our true friendship began. Allison was not the biggest fan of going outside in winter and with me not being allowed to go out, I needed someone to keep me sane at recess, so she was the one for the job!  So, after about 6 weeks of spending recess’s together, our friendship just kind of happened. Fast forward to now and we are best friend, almost sisters at this point because we always connect back like sister even if we haven’t really talked or hung out for months. Over the years, my family just embraced this friendship. My Aunt would call her “new niece” and when I told my bother; all he said was “oh great…a new sister…”. Her family also really embraces our odd friendship. At points in our friendship, Allison and I would stop talking for no reason, and when we would reconnect, both of our families were so happy and were worried that we stopped being friends. Which just confused the two of us because for us, we don’t feel like we always have been connected and we both know when one of us needed each other, we were there for each other. We both support each other in everything we do in our lives because we both live different lives. She is into gaming and art and I am into fitness and wellness but somehow, we have so much in common too. Like I love art and gaming too but in a different way as her and she is the same way with fitness and wellness.

I talked to Allison when I was writing this post and our friendship. She had this to say, “We have so much in common honestly. Same mindset and ambitions” and “We have a good support system too. It’s balanced and special” which I totally agree with. Then right after I told her that I was going to quote her, she asked if I could quote her like the Office does…This is our friendship in a nutshell. I love it. (Sorry Allison, I had no clue on how to even quote this like the Office does).

Now, on to my boyfriend, Rio. Rio and I have been together for almost 5 years now, it will be officially 5 years in May which is crazy to think about. Rio and I got together when I was in my grade 11 year and he was in grade 12. Yes, he is “year” older than me. Yes, I put year in quotations because he was born in late December and I was more in March. So, he is about 3 and bit months older than me.

Anyways, Rio and I met at a camp called Olympia Sports Camp, I do have a blog post of what is Olympia Sports Camp, I will attach at the end of the post. It was an interesting way of how we met when we were at camp. One of the nights at the camp, it was a night of minute to win it type of games that you either worked against other cabins or worked with them. The game that I met Rio at was at a game called Huckle Buckle, which is pretty much someone would call out something like horse and rider, you and your partner had to do that action. Rio and I were paired up for that game and it was too funny at times. I would say that I am a bit of a more bigger lady (at the time I met Rio, I was around 150lbs and at 5’7 and Rio is about 5’9 and around 115 and even now, still bigger than him), I was so afraid that I was going to crush him because of my weight. All I remember from doing that game with him was one of things was surfer to surfboard…let’s just say I was the surfboard because there was no way in hell I was going to step on his back. Partially afterwards, his cabin mates gave him a ton of crap for it because it was traditionally how the game was played. 99% of the time, the guys were the thing that people step on or sit on. My cabin mates totally understood why I did what I did, his cabin mates, not so much. But anyways, the week at OSC passed and we lost connection (also the remainder of that week, he got sick at camp and I got a little concussion/headache because I was still recovering from a major concussion I got earlier on in that year) but we both had each other on Facebook but never really talked, until I was a goof and clueless. I was talking to an old friend about OSC on the phone and was surfing Facebook at the same time, then I saw the OSC trick-shot video that Rio did at OSC and sent it to her. Then I went down the wormhole of watching his trick-shot videos and liking each of the post…let’s just say he noticed and messaged me via Facebook. That night, I think we stayed up until like midnight or later just talking.  We went off and on talking for a few months then it went though a period that we just stopped talking. Then one day, I got bored and there was this thing going around Facebook that you post it as a status and it was like some like “you can 100% honest for 24 hours and I would hold no judgement towards you” and both Rio and I never would do something like that but since I posted it and he messaged me saying that he never does stuff like this but he really enjoyed us talking and stuff. That is when we reconnected again and started talking pretty much daily at this point.

Then we hit a really awkward point, Rio realized that I liked him and he had some feeling towards me but before he realized all of this, since he was in his final year and prom was around the corner, he asked another girl out (which wasn’t a problem but it did knock me down a bit). But when he realized that we both liked each other and stuff, I remember he sent me a message like “I am not sure if we would work out together because of the distance between us and that I already asked this other girl our to prom”, easy enough to say, I was totally crushed and hurt to the point, I stopped talking to him because of how strongly I felt about him. Likely enough, he really regretted sending that message because I ghosted him for about a week or so and that he realized that he really did have strong feeling towards me.

So, the way he tried to make it up and tried to fix that damaged that came out of this. Now, I will be admitted that I missed talking to him, so I broke down and talked him again, but it didn’t feel like same to me because of that earlier message from Rio. Then one day, he asked me if I got something in the mail…now at that point, I was confused and asked what he was talking about and all he told me was he send me something in the mail and that I would have to wait and see. About a week after that conversation, my mom told me that I had a letter in the mail from a guy named Rio in Toronto. So, I messaged him and asked if he sent me a letter in mail and he said yes and asked if I read it. I told him no not yet and that was going to read it now.  Let’s just say that the letter was one of the sweetest things that any one had very done for me and it re-forced that I really did like him and that I would love to be with him in a relationship. That day that I got the letter, we talked, this was our conversation;

Rio: “are we going out now? Because we both know we like each other, and we already talk like 24/7.”

Sam: “If you want to…”

Rio: “What do you think about it?”

Sam: “I would love you…I am not going to lie, I have huge stupid ass smile on my face just from the letter”

Rio: “Love to? Or love me? Either one works tbh 😊 “

Sam: “Can I just say both? 😊”

That is how Rio and I got together… Yes, we still have goofy conversations like this.

I feel like this is a good place to end this post about the important people in my life. I now realized that I could do full blog posts on each of them because of the impact these two people have on my life. I couldn’t be more thankful for these people.

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