Long Time No See…

So, long time no see! I am sorry for being missing in action for the past almost 2 months. My life has been very crazy every since the start of April into May. There has been a lot of changing in my personal life like getting new neighbours upstairs (there has been some issue with them and my stress has been through the roof), switching from 2 jobs to 1 full-time job (which I am very happy about but it is taking some time to adjust to it) and all of that just has taken a toll on my mental/physical health. I started stopped doing a lot of my hobbies that I was doing like blogging, meditation and even working out which probably didn’t help because those were some of my self-care stuff I would do. But there was a part of me that if I tried to do all of those things, I got so overwhelmed that I would just stop and sleep all day. So, I decided to take a small break from blogging and focus on my health and going to the gym.

It was going pretty well until the amount of stress got so bad that I started to get horrible back pain to the point that I couldn’t get up or bend. I know my body well enough that when I get this stress, I hold it all in my back. Which took me out of the gym for almost 2 weeks now and that is where I found that my mental health really took a turn for the worse. The only thing that I was doing was going to work, trying to stretch out my back and driving my boyfriend to work or his ultimate game for the past 2-3 weeks. I have started to go crazy and just almost give up on trying to do things I once enjoyed doing.
I say almost because I decided to take the rest of May off and start fresh in June because my body is telling me that it is way overwhelmed and needed this little break. Once I started to listen to my body like that, I am starting to feel a bit better and my back is starting to feel like itself again.
I have a small little plan for June right now. I did a bullet journal set up for June that focuses on the hobbies that I love to do and self-care. Also, I stopped using my bullet journal for April/May right after I did my set-up for those months because I was trying to make it that cool-creative ones you would see on Instagram but I realized when I do those type of set-up, I feel like that whole month has to look like that…so for June, I did a more simple set up that isn’t too hard to keep up and super easy to follow.
My plan for June is to try my best to hit the goals that I set up for myself and not holding any judgment if I don’t hit those goals because I found that I get really hooked up when I don’t hit those goals and it re-starts that negative cycle again.
My Goals For June:

  1. Gratitude Log- writing one sentence a day about something that I am grateful for. Saying things like “I get to..” instead of “I have to..”. I have stated that in May and I found that using those words really change the outlook of my life.
  2. Workout- 5-6 times per week. I know that seems like a lot but for me, I found that when I do something active that amount of time a week does amazing things for my life. I have a workout plan from a YouTuber named Natacha Oceane. I have her Move and Cut reload the program. They are “easy” workouts that I can just go to the gym and I have an amazing workout with not having to put any extra energy into making a workout plan.
  3. Water- 2-3 liters each day. Once again, I know it may seem like a lot, but when I have that amount of water for a consistent amount of time, I feel like I have more energy and don’t feel so sluggish.
  4. Meditation each day. When I took just a 5-10 minutes a day to stop and slow down, I found that I was able to stay grounded and feel good about my day. At night, I would do sleep stories or use Calm’s music of waterfalls, helps me get good sleep throughout the stressful times for these two months. For June, I want to make it a daily habit and not something I do when I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t have the energy to do it.
  5. Journal: 4-5 times per week. For me in my professional life and personal life, I found being reflective about my day/few days helps me work through what I have experienced and feeling. It also gives me a chance to write down happy memories, not just figuring out the negative.
    6.Blogging: 1 time/week. I started this blog to expand my life in many ways. I love being able to share about my life and I have a ton of ideas for the blog post. I just found trying to do more than one per week was just overwhelming for me. I thought setting that goal to do it once a week will be a great way for me to get back into the swing of things without it being totally overwhelming.

So those are my goals for June. The goals are all something extremely important for me in many ways. I always found that if I don’t do a habit tacker in the start, I never follow through on my goals. Now, I feel like I gave myself a good set up to be successful with my goals and hopefully help with some of the emotions that I have been dealing with.

Does anyone have some goals for June or bigger goals for the rest of the year?

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