Little Update About My June Challenge

As my last blog post, I wanted to give a small update on how this challenge is going.

So far, this challenge is going well! I am finding it is going pretty well to hit all the goals I want to hit. There was a couple of days this week where I would miss one or two of my 5 goals but it is little things like water.

The main thing that I have been missing is doing my journals this week. I only wrote twice this week when I want to do more daily reflections. I feel like I need to find like a 30 day reflection challenge to help get that mindset back in the daily reflection mode.

One of my favourite things that I have been doing this week is my meditations. I started off the last week of May doing my practiced at night because I felt super overwhelmed after my work-day and it was an amazing way to help re-ground myself at the end of the day. The last few days,I started to wake up about 15 minutes earlier to try it out in the morning . Holy Cow! This has been a game changer. Taking that 5-10 minutes in the morning has helped me start my day off right! It is amazing. I have been using the app “Simple Habit” and before I found that one, I was using “Calm”. I still use “Calm” for some simple breathing activity (love this part of the app, I found it the best way to calm myself down and there was no time limit) and the music on there. The nature sounds are super calming and the best white noises that I have been able to find. I use “Simple Habit” as the app for my daily practice, it is all guided meditations and they are super easy to follow. There are many different length’s of meditations so if I only have 5 minutes, I know that I can get so much out of one of their 5 minutes one over the 20 minutes on “Calm”. I would really recommend both of the apps, having the two apps will be perfect for all skills levels or like guided meditations or free-hand meditations.

I am being hopefully that the rest of the month continues on this path of reshaping my life!

If anyone has an amazing reflection list of questions to do, please comment it! Or any amazing wellness apps!

Love ya all!

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