So…My June Challenge Is Over…

So my June challenge is over and I failed it a bit. If I am being honset, I really did fail it a bit.

The reason why I said that I failed it was that at about the half way mark, I stopped tracking it in my bullet journal and fell off track. I literally just stopped about half of my challenges that I did. My work and personal life just got overwhelming for me that I did not feel like I had the ability to pick up my journal or laptop to do this. But I am happy that I did this challenge, it was a reality check for me.
Some of the challenged I failed was the meditation, journals , blog post, and the last week for the water challenge. The other parts of my June set up was to track my mood and gratitude…I stopped tracking those on like the 18th and hit and miss from there.
But for me, I don’t see failure has a bad thing. It showed me where my limits are when I feel overwhelmed in my daily life which affects my ability to do something as simply as taking the time to go through my journal. Also, for June, I really did try to push myself with the challenges I set up and the amount of challenges so I was expecting to fail at some part.
Through all of this, I realized me doing things like my journals and mediation does help and that I need to be a bit more discipline with it because at the end of the day, it will help me out. Also, doing my mood and gratitude helped me to see what I am truly feeling that day and that at the end of the day, there is always something good.

Even though that I failed this month, I am ready to set myself up for a new challenge for July. I am not sure what challenges I am going to do for July. I am working my bullet journal set up today and once I know what I am going to do this month. I will make another post about it!

Once again, if anyone has any fun challenges or tips on stay on track, hit me up! I would love to hear you ideas!

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